Twice yearly in person trainings for program coordinators

  • To provide the practical resources necessary to build and strengthen the local Ombudsman programs
  • To communicate real time information for inspired leaders
  • Advocate as the unified voice on legislation and issues that affect local Ombudsman programs and long term care residents

Local presentation/training for field Ombudsmen

  • The return on investment on the small membership fee that we pay is immense.  Just from the last two years of one-time additional money we received through CLTCOA’s advocacy pays for the next 45 years of membership, and the organization does  more than advocating for funding.  It’s really worth it.

    Program Coordinator - Marin County
  • You are are simply "AMAZING"! My volunteers and staff can't stop talking about your visit. They loved your putting so much into perspective and explaining so much about the program and CLTCOA. I think they are feeling more fierce now. Thank you.


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