Crista Barnett NelsonPresident

    Crista Barnett Nelson, Executive Director of Senior Advocacy Services, is a 30-year veteran of the non-profit world.  After spending 18 years with a Residential Treatment Center and special education school for adolescents as the CFO, she transitioned to the world of seniors.  It was the position at an Adult Day Care for seniors, specializing in people afflicted with dementia, that she cemented her appreciation for the myriad of challenges that are brought on through aging.

    Crista is honored to serve as the current President of the California Long Term Care Ombudsman.  Since November 2018, she was also elected to the board for the Healthy Petaluma Health Care District;  serves as a board member for both the Santa Rosa Behavioral Health Hospital and Fox Pacific Academy Foundation.

    When she is not busy helping people pronounce the word “Om-buds-man,” or explaining what in the world that is, she is hiking the trails of Sonoma county, enjoying the many events of Sonoma County and supporting other worthy non-profit organizations as a volunteer.

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