Karen JonesTreasurer


    In 1996, Karen joined the Board of Directors for the San Luis Obispo LTC Ombudsman Program. One year later she was elected Board President before becoming the executive director in 1998. Since that time, she has received training from the California Department of Aging, the CA Attorney General Office-Elder Abuse Unit, the Superior Court Investigators Association, and the California District Attorneys Association.


    Karen is the Treasurer for the California Ling Term Care Ombudsman Association (CLTCOA). She is Co-Chair for the National Local Long Term Care Ombudsman Association (NALLTCO). She participates with many groups that comment on or advocate for legislation that can benefit care facility residents or the elderly.

    She also participates in many San Luis Obispo County organizations, such as Adult Abuse Prevention Council, Adult Services Policy Council and the District Attorney’s First Responder/Elder Death Review Team.

    Karen is a California native and lives in Nipomo. She has two daughters, four grandchildren, one horse, one dog and two cats. In her free time she spoils her grandkids, coaches youth soccer and trains horses.

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